tracephonenumber.in is a simple number tracing tool. Use this tracer to get phone number information whether it is a landline, mobile, STD or ISD number. Please note that this tracer only checks the phone number codes that are allotted to telecom companies. Our database is updated with all the private and public operators available in  India.

Use this tracer to find the number details you are getting calls from.

Trace persons who are claiming to be calling from banks, insurance companies etc.

For mobile numbers, you will know whether its a new /old number by looking at the number availability information.

For landline / STD numbers, you will get the operator information also. We are working towards getting the owner information of the registered number.

This tool does not provide real-time information of the mobile number like exact location, person on phone. This is not legally approved.

New features we are working towards

Blogs and resources on how to secure yourself from unwanted marketing calls, harassment etc.

Blogs on securing your number and data on your smart phones.

Blogs on different types apps that trace your movements and actions.