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Search STD Codes in India

Search STD Codes in India with Fuzzy Logic

Search for city/town even with spelling errors

How to Search STD Codes
Type few characters of the city/town name for which you want to find the STD numbers. Auto complete will try to get the list of numbers with matching city names. If this tools fails to bring the list, try adjusting the spelling or enter full length spelling of the city/town name. Even there are spelling errors in the entered string, this tool tries to match the appropriate one.

Searching STD Codes with Fuzzy Logic
In most of the Indian languages, spellings of the city/town names varies from slang to slang. I have designed a simple algorithm which tries to predict one of the city/town name in the database for your search string. If you enter a partial city/town name, my algorithm tries to present you with all the matching city/town names that start with.

For best results, try entering full length string of the city/town you are searching for. I am trying to optimize my algorithm to remove wild predictions which are very funny and meaningless some times.

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