How to Track Stolen Phones

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You know lost mobile phones are not lost forever. You can track stolen phones using different options. If your lost mobile is a smart phone then you have more options like erasing the data remotely, disabling the phone, get current location of the mobile etc.

When you lost your phone

As soon as you realize your mobile got stolen or lost, try searching for it as it might have been misplaced. Ring your number from other phone. Send a text message (SMS). This will help if someone finds it and wants to return it back. If no one replies or responds back to your calls or SMSs then launch a police complaint and get your number blocked. Blocking a number is very important as the person who got your mobile may use it for illegal purposes.

Track Stolen Phone with IMEI Number

Tracking stolen phone with IMEI number is the easiest solution and works on all mobile phones across all network service providers. IMEI number is a very unique number assigned to every mobile phone in the world. You can find this number on the purchase bills or on the packing of the mobile phone. This number wont get changed when the mobile number switches SIM cards or Network operator.

In order to receive service from network, mobile phones will always send IMEI number to the tower/network. That way, the service network of the mobile phone will always have this IMEI number. But the network provider will only share this information when you have a copy of the registered police complaint.  Network operators will have the option to block the mobile phone using this IMEI number. By doing so, the mobile can not be used on any network using any SIM card.

Track Stolen Phone with Smartphone Apps

If your mobile phone is a smart phone, then you have lots of options to get it recovered. There are numerous apps to help you in tracking stolen phones. Like,

  • you can activate GPS and get location details
  • get the call records of your mobile after you lost it
  • erase all your information from your mobile
  • recover you data remotely

How to get IMEI number

On any mobile phone, whether its a smartphone or basic phone, you it get displayed your IMEI number when you press ”*#06#’. Ideally, if you bought your mobile from legal vendor, it should be a valid number. There were few cheap Chinese brands which used to display fake IMEI number so be careful when you buy mobiles from local sellers in gray market.

List of Smartphone apps that can help track stolen phones

  • Andoid
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  • iPohne
    • iCloud
  • Windows
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  • Blackberry
    • Blackberry Protect