Mobile GPS Tracking

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Mobile GPS tracking works with the help of a satellite technology called GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System which has become a basic feature on most of the smart phones even on low-end mobile phones. GPS is intended to give the location of the receiving object in terms of longitude & latitudes on earth. It also gives the altitude of the object above mean sea level.

How GPS works

GPS works purely based on satellite message signals which are in the line of sight with the receiving object like your mobile phone. To pin point the location of the mobile device, a minimum of 4 line of sight satellites required. When you switch on the GPS feature on your mobile phone, the GPS receiver will try to locate the no of satellites that are available. When your mobile gets more than 4 satellites, it picks the best matching 4 satellites and tries to pin point the location.

The satellites that provide location information are free for all irrespective of the service/network provider. This GPS signals can be used not only by mobile devices but also any gadgets that can process the satellite message signals. GPS gadgets are fitted on cabs, buses, trucks, animals, bags, trains, flights everywhere.

GPS with Maps

As GPS gives the location details of the mobile device in terms of longitudes & latitudes, its possible for software apps to plot the map using this co-ordinate points. As the receicing object moves, it keeps on updating its current location thus making any apps to display the live movement of the cursor on the map. Popular and well known app is Google Map which available on almost all the smart phones that has GPS feature

Mobile GPS Tracking

Trackig a mobile phone using GPS is pretty easy. There are numerous apps available for each type of smart phones. All you need to install them and start using it. Network Connection is not mandatory as long as the satellites are available. Most of the apps show you location of the mobile device when you have it with you.

But if you want to track your mobile phone when its not with you, then you need special Mobile GPS Tracking application that reports you the location details, movements, speed, direction etc. You can access this information from a computer or any other mobile device.

Mobile Tracking with A-GPS

Its possible that some times, when you are in side a shopping mall, indoors, underground etc, you wont get satellites in line of sight. So the mobile phone apps will try to determine the location of your device by using A-GPS (assisted GPS). Techniques such as service / network operators signals, wifi hot-spots will try to provide the location information.

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